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SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOLARSHIPS. There are many situations that arise where a need doesn't match a specific program we offer, example---deaf children that need special education, paralyzed and other disabled that need wheelchairs, diapers, shoes....There are surgical sponsorships for young and old. There are educational scholarships for nursing, junior high, senior high and university students. "Special Needs Scholarships" are an essential part of meeting the needs of those we serve in the Boca Costa de Solola. A significant portion of our budget is used under this category. When a need arises the BCMM tries it's best to help.

EDUCATIONAL SUPPLIES---Although grades 1-6 are free that does not mean that the kids have school supplies. We have 2 very large grade schools and 2 very small grade schools in our area. All money and supplies, such as paper, pencils, crayons and any other supplies donated is distributed to these schools.

ONIL STOVE PROJECTóIn our area of Guatemala, the Boca Costa, almost all homes cook their meals over open pit fires that are physically in the house. There are three main problems that this causes. The obvious number one problem is respiratory issues from the smoke. Almost 17% of all the patients we see have respiratory problems as their chief complaint. Another 4% have eye problems and 2 % allergy problems. Because of the environment the people live in, not all of these problems are caused by smoke in the home, but much of it is. The second major problem with the open pit stoves is that young children and open fires do not get along well. We have treated many children that have serious burns from falling into the fire. The third is the use of wood for cooking. In thousands of families the daily job of a family member is to collect firewood. Not only is this a problem for the forest of Guatemala but it is a problem for backs, necks, shoulders, etc.

There are many problems we all experience or see that we really cannot do much about. This isnít the case with the open pit fires and their issues. With the Onil Stove, pictured here, we can actually take real steps to help resolve a real problem. This stove vents smoke out of the roof through a smoke stack. It is also up at waist level so little hands and bottoms arenít able to fall into the fire. And it also only uses 1/3 the amount of firewood. There just isnít a down side. Onil currently charges $110.00 per stove. They are ordered by the team through "HELPS INTERNATIONAL: https://helpsintl.org/programs/onil-products/. The Boca Costa Medical Mission charges $8.00 per stove, (see cost page). This is for the purchase and delivery of 11 block for the stove and future maintenance.

So if you want to help just one family or ten, make a donation to the Boca Costa Medical Mission, mark it STOVES and send to the address below. On behalf of each family that receives a stove the Boca Costa Mission wants to thank you.

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