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We believe that the only way for the poor that we serve, to ever improve their standard of living and way of life on a long term basis, is through improved health care and education. Therefore, all funds that are donated or that come from our personal finances, except for our living expenses, go to some area of medical care or education.

MEDICAL TEAMS-We love to have Medical Teams come to the Boca Costa. The experience that the teams have is worth the effort. There are areas in need of medical care that we cannot get to because there are only two of us and the need is so great. Most teams come for one week. We try to pick two villages that we haven't been to recently and have the team work in one of the villages for 3 days and the other 2 days. Both of us try to always work with the teams. The minimum size needed to come as a team is one doctor and two/three support people. It is good if at least one of the support people has some medical background. The ideal team is two/three doctors and a total team of ten or less. The clinics are very basic and we would expect to see about 30-40 people per doctor per day. The villages where we go mostly speak Quiche. We hire translators for Quiche/Spanish at no cost to the teams. Any Spanish/English translators will be paid for by the team (see budget page). We do the advertising and the setup (with your help) for the clinics.

MEDICINE---Medicine is the lifeblood of the clinics. We require that all teams have enough medicines to supply their clinics. Look at the "MEDICAL FORMULARY" tab for the list of medicines provided and their cost. Also on the tab is a list of the few medicines the team will need to bring

INFANT FEEDING PROGRAM---We always have a few babies that need formula because the mother cannot breast feed or the mother has died during child birth. The formula that we purchase here is made by Nestles and is call 'NAN 1', for the babies first year. A can of formula costs about $18.00 plus, here in Guatemala, and lasts about 2 weeks. We have about 10-15 babies on the program at any one time. This is a very good program in that it does save lives. Most of the babies we put on the program would not live without the formula.

SURGICAL PROGRAM---We have built a working relationship with a private hospital in Mazatenango that is open 24/7. We refer 1-2 patients per month to the hospital. Our patients have very little so we support their hospital stay, testing, surgery and medicine. We also have built a partner relationship with a jungle hospital (Hospital Santa Fe). We refer many patients there and US surgical teams come to that hospital 2-3 times per year. We get a very good rate from these hospitals but the cost is still about $250-400 per patient.

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