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Medical Formulary

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This formulary is based on regularly scheduled or team clinics that have been held in the Boca Costa area since the first part of 2003. It is based on seeing 100 plus patients per day and a stay of one week.

All of your medicines will be provided by the Boca Costa Medical Mission except for the items in RED. Click on the link below, Medical Formulary Provided for Teams. Most of the medicines, about 90%, will be purchased in Guatemala. This is being done for several reasons, the occasional difficulty and expense (taxes) of getting medicine through customs at the Guatemala airport, the cost most airlines have added for a second checked bag, the cost to the Boca Costa Medical Mission to have the paperwork processed through the Guatemala system and the inability to get medicines we are short of in a timely manner, etc.

The cost to the teams of the medicines that the Boca Costa Medical Mission is providing is $2,000 for a team with 1-2 providers and $3,000 for a team with 3 or more providers (see the COST tab on the website front page). This will be a tax deductible donation. The money for medicines must be received at least 45 days prior to your team arriving. Instructions for the deposit will be given to your team when needed.

Blessings International is the best place for the pill bags and a good source of vitamins. They will ship to any place in the U.S. They can be reached at www.blessing.org, or phone 918 250 8101. Just a thought, a fundraiser of some kind for the vitamins would save the team a good amount of money. These items should not be declared and should be spread out in the team suitcases and you should come through customs with no problem.


Medical Formulary Provided for Teams [Excel]

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