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The BCMM provides basic medical care and access to major medical care in a specific area of Guatemala known as the Boca Costa.
Many of the residents of the Boca Costa are impoverished, indigenous Maya. The forefathers of these indigenous were transplanted from the Highlands of Guatemala to work as poorly paid laborers cutting sugar cane and coffee in this very tropical climate. About 10,000 clients pass through our clinic doors each year. The BCMM has built local trust. These patients, who were once afraid of health centers and hospitals because of discrimination, poverty, language and cultural barriers come to see our well trained and compassionate local staff. Volunteer medical and surgical teams come several times a year from the international community leaving with a sense of "more than they ever expected" due to their ability to meet this unique culture and to exchange their skills.

In the rural villages of the Boca Costa, Guatemala two base clinics are staffed by locally trained Guatemalan nurses and health promoters and Dr. Castillo, our local physician. The Boca Costa Medical Mission non-profit organization sustains these clinics. These clinics are the first stop for our clients, ranging from antiparasitic medication to a possible complicated medical procedures. We are also affected by the amount of disabled villagers. Hunger and malnutrition is 3 times greater amongst the indigenous than over the rest of the population in Guatemala. The BCMM clinics staff, medical teams in the field and our partnered surgical facilities, bridge the language, financial, and cultural barriers making our services invaluable for the future of these communities.

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